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You’ve got the skills. Now gain the insider knowledge to makeup success on film and television productions.

Navigating the fast paced  world of film makeup requires more than just talent, It’s about being equipped, organized and primed for any demand on set. Whether you’re a budding MUA diving into film projects or a looking to refine your game, preparation is key.

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Can you prep your kit like a pro?

The ULTIMATE Film Makeup Checklist


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  • Always have what you need on set: Never second-guess yourself on set. The checklist ensures you’re always ready, whether it’s a touch-up or a complete transformation.
  • Curated by Experts: The ultimate film makeup kit list from experienced film makeup professionals.
  • Easy to Follow: Every item has been carefully chosen to ensure you’re not overloaded but never miss a thing.
  • Always Film Set Ready: Film sets can vary, and so can the needs. The Ultimate Film Makeup Checklist ensures you’re prepared, whether it’s an indie project or a blockbuster.


Why you need the Ultimate Film Makeup Checklist


BOOST CONFIDENCE: Walk onto set with the assurance you have everything that you need in your pro film kit.


SAVE TIME: No more frantic searches. Know where every item is, always.


Always be prepared:

Being prepared and efficient can help solidify your professional reputation in the industry.

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