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Six-Figure Makeup Career?

Let’s map out your profitable makeup career.

You’ve aced the artistry now lets master the business of makeup to match.

struggling to Make Money?

If your makeup artistry shines but the numbers are not adding up then let’s fix that now!

The secret to freelance makeup success isn’t just about mastering the perfect cut-crease. It’s about understanding your worth and pricing your makeup for profit!

Here at Makeup Manifesto we help you:

Price for Profit: Get the lowdown on how to set your makeup rates so that they reflect your skill, creativity and get you booked..

Book More Clients: Know how to talk money with confidence, without fear and charge what you’re worth.

Make More Money: You need to learn how to maximize income with pricing packages, and how to navigate those tricky pricing  negotiations.

Every brush stroke you’ve mastered, every look you’ve nailed, they all add value to your brand. Let’s ensure your bank account reflects that!


The Freelance Makeup Struggle is Real!


Are you struggling to figure out what to charge for your freelance makeup services? 

Stressed about Booking Clients?

Ever feel like just another face in the makeup crowd and afraid to standout in case you fail.

Worried about Making Enough Money?

Don’t know how book consistent work to make a regular monthy income with makeup?

Master the Business of Makeup

Dive into MANIFESTO MUA Pro: £5k Kickstart and map out your journey towards financial success and freedom in the makeup industry.



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